Noodles and Soups

TEMPURA UDON Tempura shrimp and vegetables served with Japanese Udon noodle soup. $11.50

NABE UDON Japanese Udon noodles with chicken, eggs, fish cake, spinach, scallions served with a piece of shrimp tempura. $12.50

TEMPURA SOBA Tempura shrimp and vegetables served over Japanese buckwheat noodles. $11.50

ZARU SOBA Cold buckwheat noodles served with Soba sauce. $ 8.00

KITSUNE UDON Fried bean curd served over Japanese Udon noodles $8.50

HANABI UDON Spicy chicken with vegetables served over Japanese Udon noodles. $11.50

HANABI YAKI UDON Stir fried beef, vegetables, and noodles in a sweet sauce $10.50

SU-UDON Plain Udon noodle soup $7.00