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from METROMIX Chicago

Hanabi is a casual but high-quality Japanese restaurant, Hanabi offers a solid selection of sushi and Japanese dishes including teriyaki, tempura and udon. Try the New York Strip beef teriyaki, sweet juicy meat with a pile of vegetables and cup of hot green tea. Even if you don't order dessert, you'll get a small sampling of mochi ice cream. 4 STARS

from BARRY BERNSTEIN, editor "What's Happening"

Hanabi Japanese Restaurant is smaill, unknown, out of the way, and the little place off the beaten path that you will want to visit over and over again. The Hanabi has something very few restaurants offer... Read the full review, Click Here

from FRAN in Deerfield

What a find!!! Came to Hanabi when in the shopping center and have become a steady customer ever since. Her creations are not only beautiful, but delicious, innovative and very healthy. Sera is always smiling and has made this restaurant a very homey and friendly place to share a meal with friends and/or family. Even if you are not a sushi eater, there are many other entrees on the menu to choose from. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Tell your friends about HANABI.

from LAURA in Chicago

The best sushi in the midwest: Hanabi has the best sushi I have ever tasted, and I've been to about 20 Japanese restaurants in the Chicago area to find one as good. Reasonably priced with excellent service... VERY friendly! Don't miss this restaurant

from SIMONE in Buffalo Grove

SOMEONE RECOMMENDED HANABI TO ME AND I LOVED IT! My children are 10 and 7 and they too love Sera's Place as they call it. Sera suggested different rolls that suited the tastes of my children and they got Cooked Chicken and veggie tempura, chicken bowls, and bagel sushi are among their favorites. My daughter insisted we celebrate her birthday at Hanabi and Sera surely made it a special occasion. We will go back again and again and bring our friends with us.

from ARLENE in Deerfield

I was never a sushi lover before I came to Hanabi. I was quite happy with the Chicken Teriyaki. Sera asked if I would like to try something new and placed a Rice Bowl onto my plate. It was wonderful! Now I crave those Rice Bowls and Sera makes them for me with brown rice which is a healthier choice.

from EDUCATOR23 in Arlington Heights

I lived in Arlington Heights for four years and was always looking for good sushi without going downtown. A friend recommended Hanabi in Buffalo Grove, claiming it was a wonderful surprise. Hanabi is a small, hole in the wall, sushi spot, but it is a diamond in the rough. It is easy to miss, but finding it will change what you think about sushi in the suburbs.

Sera, is the main Sushi Chef and owner. She studied in Japan and is top notch when it comes to craftsmanship and creativity. Her bar is as clean as can be, her employees are polite and knowledgeable, and the fish is among the freshest I have ever had. Sera and the staff always make you feel welcome, even if you sneak in 5 minutes before closing. In other experiences, too often the fish is fine, or even great, but the rice bland or mushy. Sera takes great pride in her rice and knows full well that it is as important as the quality of the fish...especially for us Nigiri lovers.

Of the seemingly hundreds of pieces of sushi I have had there, not once was the fish off, the rice bad, nor the wasabi overpowering. You would think, that at least one sub-par piece would sneak past her bar, but it just doesn't.

If you are looking for a place to be seen, this isn't your place. But if you want sushi as good or better than you can get downtown, with great service, traditional or creative dishes, at affordable prices, Hanabi is the place for you!

You won't be disappointed. Hanabi is truly a diamond in the rough...